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Speers Ferry (VA)
Clinch River RR Interchange Yard


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Planning and Construction of an americaN-Module

This WebSite is about the planning and construction of Speers Ferry (VA) Clinch River Rail Road (= CRRR) Interchange Yard.

Please note: this module was designed as Roseberg (OR). One aspect of that design was that this yard could be used "flexible".

Inspiration for "flexible design" I got from David Barrows and Riley Triggs (see "Minimalistic Approach")


Clinch River Rail Road: Overview

Phil Brooks' "Clinch River Railroad" is a freelanced model railroad. It is modeled to look and work like the prototype railroads in the Appalachian coal fields in the '50s. Details you get here.


CRRR Network


Clinch River Rail Road: the whole network

Details about the area modeled by Phil Brooks you get here.


Speers Ferry (VA) Interchange

Minimalistic Approach: "Roseberg" and "Speers Ferry"

After all tracks were laid out at my railroad system "Roseberg (OR)" with staging yards "Portland (OR)" and "Black Butte (OR)", I found out that this set up could be used as "Speers Ferry (VA) CRRR Interchange as well. Without any modification at the hardware.

The software would be different.


Yes. The operating system, the Rail Road Company and their rules, traffic patterns, locomotives, cars, etc.


Speers Ferry (VA) CRRR and connection to rest of world


Speers Ferry (VA) CRRR Interchange


Speers Ferry (VA) CRRR Interchange and connections to Southern Ry. and Clinchfield RR


In Google My Maps, this is the view:

Clinch River RR, Speers Ferry

CRRR, Speers Ferry Area, with connecting rail roads Southern Ry (black) and Clinchfield RR (green).

Here are the details



Speers Ferry CRRR Interchange Yard Track Plan

Speers Ferry Connections


Speers Ferry: Possibilities of train movements, and connections



Speers Ferry track plan


Speers Ferry (VA) CRRR Interchange Yard: track plan


Preview of operations

2016-02-14: the interchange yard technically is not ready for operations.

On the other hand, photos are possible. Therefore, here are some preview photos:



Southern RR has trackage rights for passenger trains across Clinch River RR.

This is Southern RR northbound passenger #4 "The Appalachian" with engine #2928 in front.

"The Appalachian" entered CRRR territory at Lone Mountain, stopped at Big Creek and Cedar Fork, and is now arriving at Speers Ferry. At this interchange, it will re-enter Southern trackage.




Entering Speers Ferry west end yard ladder




CRRR #25 is switching the caboose #20 off the coal train which arrived at Speers Ferry some time before this passenger was due. Engine #21 is switching, too.




View from the west 









With restricted yard speed, the passenger is moving forward.

On the left: the caboose track.




East side of Speers Ferry CRRR Interchange Yard.

This and the other photos illustrate the main business of the Clinch River RR: collection of coal at the mines, and transportation of coal to the interchange yards.


Caboose track in front


Caboose track in front





CRRR engines #23 and #24 in front of a long coal train arrived in time to let the passenger pass by.




Southern passenger #2928 stopped. It is waiting to get permission from the dispatcher to move into Southern trackage.

At the same time, CRRR #20 is switching at the east side of Speers Ferry CRRR Interchange Yard.


























Southern passenger #4 "The Appalachian" with engine #2928 got a track warrant to continue out of Speers Ferry CRRR Interchange and onto Southern tracks.







Over and out for Southern passenger #4 "The Appalachian".



First video of CRRR Speers Ferry Yard:



Engineer view, work train from from Purchase Siding via CRRR Speers Ferry Yard towards Southern Ry. Status: November 2016