Clinch River Railroad

Clinch River Railroad - traffic network in Google My Maps


Clinch River Railroad:
traffic network in Google My Maps

Google My Maps allowes to place the trackage into the map - and to share it

What is "Google My Maps"?

I got the information I needed to set upp this map after I put these words into Google.

"Clinch River Railroad" (= CRRR) is a freelanced model railroad, invented and designed by Phil Brooks. It is modeled to look and work like the prototype railroads in the Appalachian coal fields in the '50s.

Therefore, the place was set. A real place, and the Railroad was laid into that place.

The real world is mapped, and can be seen in Google Maps.

When I discovered that Google My Maps makes it possible to add individual information, to store it, and to share it to others, I tried to map the trackage of Clinch River Railroad.

What are the starting points for this map?

  • the publications about CRRR by Phil brooks
  • discussions with Phil
  • Google My Maps, for the Maps
  • the topography
  • 1955 as the status of CRRR, given by Phil

Here is my guess of where the tracks of CRRR would have been in 1955:


CRRR setting


This is what it looks like in Google My Maps. Klick here, or on the picture, to get a larger image

For lager images, please click on those.


a 10 CRRR Ueb


Clinch River Railroad trackage (in red), and connecting rail roads


a 15 RCCC Ueb 2


CRRR trackage, overview


CRRR Clinch River RR, Big Creek Area


CRRR, Big Creek Area


Clinch River RR, Sneedville (TN)


CRRR trackage around Sneedville (TN), town above Panther Creec Junction


Clinch River RR, East


CRRR trackage overview, eastern part


a 42 East Det


Detail of map, with scale (in Kilometer)


Clinch River RR, eastern trackage



This is what Google My Maps looks like:

  • blue arrow: if one clocks on one symbol ("at Big Ridge" in the picture, a description field pops up, giving information of the name og the location, and the coordinates.
  • to go to "Big Ridge", one can click on "Big Ridge" in the column on the left, too



Clinch River RR, Speers Ferry


CRRR, Speers Ferry Area, with connecting rail roads Southern Ry (black) and Clinchfield RR (green)


CRRR, Clinchport (VA)


Details of Speers Ferry CRRR Interchange