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Haslingen Steel Mill - Update 2015



Update 2015

Haslingen Steel Mill / Stahlwerk Haslingen

Update for Haslingen Steel Mill, Status: June 2015

Since the FREMO americaN meeting Lauffen 2011, module builder Jan made good progress on his Steel Mill. The first update shows the status of the Prague Meeting, October 2011.

The status of the americaN meeting in Lauffen, May 2013 is here.

Following is the Status of June 2015:


Lauffen 2015, americaN FREMO meeting

For the overview about Lauffen 2015 meeting, click here.


70 Has Jan Ro Elm Mar Pe


operating as Haslingen Steel, 2015, June

(more photos of operating you will find here)


Blast Furnace

has Ho roh 2

on the left: "Input" side of Blast Furnace, with raw material delivery basins

mainline passing in the middle

on the right: Slag Mill


What is what?


Haslingen Steel: what is what?

photos above + below

(1) input side: "Highline": the raw material input basins

(2) output: tracks for liquid slag

(3) output: tracks for liquid iron


Haslingen Steel Mill


at (2): liquid slag is transported to the liquid slag cars (cars not to be seen in this photo) by flowing through the sand channels




has Ho roh 1

raw material delivery basins, the "overhead bins"


Has Hoch 2


 other side of Blast Furnace: the "Output" side of liquid iron

to be seen on this track: "Hot Metal Cars"


Has Hoch 4

 Hot Metal Cars (for transportation inside this steel mill)


Has Hoch 3 


 Has Hoch 1

 looking from the other side: "Hot Metal Cars" at track two, "Bottle Cars" on the third track

 Bottle cars can be used for "long range transportation", between Steel Mills or Steel processing plants.

 Tracks two and three can both load Hot Metal Cars and Bottle Cars

Has Torp


"bottle cars" (or "torpedo cars") for liquid iron


Some of the details of the loading equipment can be seen by now (if you take a really close look), more will be added



Liquid Slag treatment


has Schla 1


not a good place to go swimming: the pool to burst liquid slag by quenching


Power Plant of Haslingen Steel


Has Kraftw 2


Power Plant


Has Kraftw


Power Plant: ash loader


Moving from one processing step to the next


has Weichen


big power is needed for the movements inside the plant


Has Yard 3


and a lot of track


Scrap arrival


Has Schrott 6


arrival of scrap


Has Schrott 3


Has Schrott 1


 Scrap processing: electric furnace


Has Elektro 2


work in progress: set up of Electric Arc Furnace + Basic Oxygen Converter

Ingot Cars on the right: liquid steel is filled into them, then these cars transport the ingots inside the steel mill to further processing


The Electric Arc Furnaces (= "EAF") (= the black ones in the middle) are converting scrap to steel.

The Basic Oxygen Converter (= "BOF") (the white one machine in the foreground on the left) is converting liquid iron to steel.

Therefore, Haslingen Steel Mill can produce high quality steel both from scrap, and from iron.


Pit Furnaces

Temperature processing of steel


Has Beiz 1


the blocks of nearly liquid steel are stripped from the ingots

After the temperature processing the blocks are transported to the blooming mill (not modeled on the Haslingen Steel Mill module due to needed area, at least not at the moment.)




Has Gas

Gas, a by-product of the processing, is stored in this gasometer

in the background:

left: slag processing plant

middle: Blast Furnace



Update 2015-12-31: Progress of Blast Furnace Building


Hasl 2015 12


Blast Furnace, Status Dec. 2015

photo (c) 2051: Jan (blue background: photoshop by Michael)



International FREMO N Convention, Praha (CZ), October 2015


Has Prag 15 10


Haslingen overview, Praha (CZ), 2015 Oct. View from balcony (Photo: Jan Schirling) 



Text by Michael Homberg and Jan Schirling (CEO + Builder of Haslingen Steel Mill)