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americaN - Lauffen 2015



americaN module layout - Lauffen 2015


The 2015 FREMO americaN Lauffen layout was a huge one, too. The meeting was 04th to 07th June, 2015, participants came from Germany, Netherlands and South Tirol (Italy).

Claus did a fine job as layout and traffic workload planner. And, looking at the versions of planning and that timeline, he did many loops of refinery. The result was a good one, thank you, Claus! By the way, the plannings of the six previous Lauffen meetings were good ones, too, and I enjoyed all of them :-)


Lauffen 2015: Layout Overview


Layout: schematic overview


Lauffen 2015: track plan

americaN Layout Lauffen 2015 (larger image: click here)

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Operating crew:

70 Michael Disp


70 Alex 


70 Alex 2 


70 Be nn



70 be


70 Be Oli


70 Cla



70 Cla 2


70 Cla Ste


70 Disp Cla Ale Simo


70 Elm


70 Eme Alex

For the first time at an americaN meeting: Alexander operating his new module, Emeryville


70 Eme Alex 2


70 Eme Wil 1


70 Eme Wil Oli 2




70 Has Jan And


Jan and Andreas operating at Haslingen Steel: expecting difficulties?


70 Has Jan And 2

fixed, and smiling


70 Has Jan Ro Elm Mar Pe

as exprected: a lot to do at Haslingen Steel yard


70 Has Mar Ro


70 Has Mar Ro Elm


70 Has Pe Nao Mar


70 Has viele


70 Has viele 3


70 Has viele 4


70 Mi Chat



70 Oca Jue Ale 2


70 Oca Jue Pe




Additional photos and information about some of the modules set up at this Lauffen 2015 meeting:



99 americaN Lauffen2015 crew


the crew: from left to right: Robert, Jürgen, Michael P., Peter, Naomi, Jan,
Andreas, Claus, Michael H., Marc, Elmar, Stephan, Alexander, Simone,
Bernd and Oliver. Unfortunately, Wilfried is missing on the photo.

Photo: Bernd (published with permission)