Yard Track plans

Roseburg: a junction with diverging branch line

Roseburg: a junction with diverging branch line


Since 1991, Joe Fugate has been building an HO scale model railroad of the Southern Pacific's Siskiyou Line in Southern Oregon as it existed in the 1980s. Details about this layout, and its prototype, you can find on Joe’s WebSite.



 Roseburg is mayor yard on this model of SP’s Siskiyou Line. 



Schematic plan of layout: branch, summit, end of helper district

What I like at Roseburg:

  • Every car coming to Roseburg has to leave as quickly as possible (except the few cars for the local industries). No car should be in the yard for 24 hours!
  • There two or more through trains per day and direction on the main.
  • There are two long branch line through trains per day and direction on the branch.
  • There are locals on the branch and on the main. The locals are originating or ending in Roseburg.
  • The through freights set out blocks for the locals.
  • The through freights get blocks originating from the locals.
  • Some hours in the 24 hours period the yard is full of cars. At other times, it should be empty.


What I like about the train movement over the summit:

  • Every train going up the mountain via Rice Hill Summit has to have water cars directly behind the leading engines. This was prescription by law by the Oregon government to prevent fires during the dry summer month. Therefore, trains are getting water cars at Roseburg and are setting them out at Cottage Grove, and vice versa.
  • Most trains have to get helpers to go up to Rice Hill Summit (from Roseburg and from Cottage Grove). They are set out at Roseburg or Cottage Grove. If one needs helpers or not can be calculated by a list showing the train length and the according power (long trains need 3 leading engines and two mid train helpers). If there are no helpers at the stations, the trains have to “double the hill”.

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