Industry Spurs

Generic Industry Yard


What are the characteristics of an "Industry Yard"? And why? 

Generic Industry Yard



This graphic shows the connection of the Generic Yard to the railroad system. More details of this collaboration you can read here.

The following graphic is of LDJ #7 of June, 1992 -the "Special Freight Yard Issue". This issue offers the description how such a yard is working:


This graphic is from LDJ #7 of June, 1992, the article is called:

  • "Vintage John Armstrong - A reprint of classic articles from MR June 1955: Prototype Yards - How And Why"

This article shows how important the sorting and storage tracks are. Any larger industry or a group of small industries receiving more than a few carloads a day need such tracks to keep the system working efficiently.

The cars can arrive in any sequence. They even can be turned at the wye if they have to be unloaded at a specified side.

The nearer such an industry yard is located at the industries, the less time is needed for switching.