More North American Model Railroads which influenced me

Gaisbach-Wartberg, by Herbert Eisenreich

Austrian Model Railroad Planning in 1963, American style:

Gaisbach-Wartberg, by Herbert Eisenreich

In 1963, Austrian writer Herbert Eisenreich published a book called "Große Welt auf kleinen Schienen" (German language; publisher: Residenz Verlag, Salzburg (Austria) 2. printing, 1963).

This was the first time I ever read about planning and operating a model railroad layout as a "copy" of the prototype.


Gaisbach-Wartberg in 1950, and its conntections in the Austrian railroad network. The numbers indicate the distances in Kilometers.


Track plan of Herbert Eisenreich's adopted version.


Time table of Eisenreich's model railroad planning.


  • The arrows indicate change of through passenger cars.
  • Ex = Express passenger
  • TS = Express motor car
  • E = Fast Passenger
  • P = Local Passenger
  • DG = Through Freight
  • G = Freight
  • NG = Local Freight